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We offer the most comprehensive Orthopedic Supplies, Orthopedic devices and Orthopedic Equipment in Cyprus.

This innovative web site is the first and best professional Medical Online Store in Cyprus and you'll be able to find here, most probably, all you need in the Orthopedic field.

We at P-MediCyp Ltd provide total solutions designed  for Orthopedic providers and for customers/end users , in Cyprus. We offer a wide array of innovative and highly effective premium injury braces, sports braces, orthotics and splints, for advanced patient orthopedic care.

We are offering only the highest quality orthopedic products, manufactured in Germany and the U.S.A

P-MediCyp Ltd in Cyprus is your trusted orthopedic products provider that can offer you consulting, services and easy to use products, from conservative treatment to pre and post surgery.

In P-MediCyp Braces department we offer: Ankle Braces, Foot Braces, Walker Boots, Spine Braces, Lumbar Support, Sacroiliac Braces, Back Brace and TLSO Braces. Also, Elbow Braces/Wrist Braces, Fracture Bracing, Shoulder Bracing, Hip Bracing , Knee Brace and knee support.
We offer Cold Therapy , DVT Prophylaxis with our Sequential Compression Devices , Canes, Crutches, Walkers and Ambulatory Aids.

In the Sports Medicine field we offer: Braces and Supports, Compression Socks, Tapes and Wraps, Mouth guards, Athletic Training Kits and Sports Accessories in Cyprus.

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  • Hip protector ()
    Are you concern about falling and the sometimes serious consequences of it, like hip fracture?

    It is a well known fact that 95% of hip fractures are caused by a fall.

    Hip fractures are a major threat to the health, quality of life and well being for elders.

    We at P-MediCyp Ltd offer, for the first time in Cyprus, the best hip protectors on the market today, made in Germany- the Generation Hip Protector.

    Our Generation Hip Protector is designed to absorb and disperse the impact of a fall on the hip bone, which help to reduce the risk of hip fracture by 60%

    Our Generation Hip Protector can benefits folks who have balance impairment, frequent nocturia, dementia, history of falling, history of osteoporosis and many more.

    Hip protector can benefit Caregivers, long term care facilities and homecare service givers.

    Our Bort Generation Hip Protector is easy to put on and easy to remove, thanks to the Velcro fastening.

    This outstanding Hip Protector enjoys a wide frontal grip straps, provide safe handling and is comfortable to wear.

    P-MediCyp Bort Hip Protection is ideal for temporary use during phases of activity.

    It has an attractive and functional design, but more important: this hip protection belt has a shock absorbing  effect that will be effective in reducing the incidence of hip fractures, especially with the high risk people.

    The hip protection belt has protectors made of soft visco-relastic foam that can be removed.
    It also contains a starp with an anatomically designed cut that can be fully opened.

    BORT Generation Hip Protector

    Buy now the best hip protector and protect your dear ones.
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  • Hernia Truss- Bort HerniaFix ()

    Inguinal Hernia, what is it?

    When an abdominal tissue, like part of the intestine protrudes through a weak spot in the abdomen- this is called Ingunal Hernia. 
    A bulging area may appear, that sometime can become larger when bearing down.

    Inguinal hernia may include pain or discomfort, especially when exercising, coughing or lifting heavy objects.

    Incarcerated hernia is when you are not able to push the hernia in, back into the abdomen.

    We at P-MediCyp Ltd are offering hernia truss accessory that can relieve symptomes, relieve discomfort, and help shorten the recovery time after surgery.

    What is it exactly Hernia Truss?

    Hernia Truss is a supportive undergarment, used mostly by men (for Ingunial Hernia) especially designed to keep the protruding tissue in space and relieve discomfort, enhance mobility and day to day activities.

    If you have an inguinal hernia - a hernia truss can help you feel more comfortable, keeping the herniated tissue at place. It will provide comfort and support.
    Using hernia truss or hernia belt after surgery will help shorter recovery time.
    Due to the compression feature of the hernia truss, it can relieve symptoms and help you return to activity.

    Before buying a hernia truss we advise to consult your Doctor.

    Bort HerniaFix Spring Truss with anatomically shaped pad is a premium Hernia Truss, single sided, made in Germany.

    This oustanding hernia truss has a non elastic hip belt with approx 50 cm (19.7 Inches) long spring , made of spring steel.

    The HerniaFix Hernia Truss also include thigh starp that prevent pad from slipping.

    Bort HerniaFix is indicated for reducible inguinal rupture.

    Order now the best hernia truss in Cyprus
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  • Posture Corrector Bort StabiloFix ()

    Having a misalignment of the thoracic spine?

    Looking for a way to straighten and relief of the thoracic spine?

    A back and shoulder brace that will act as a posture corrector to your poor posture habits ?

    It is a well known fact that bad posture or poor posture habits can cause headaches, pain in your neck, back and shoulders. Bad posture can also create poor breathing and fatigue due to that.

    Our Bort StabiloFix back and shoulder brace will correct the posture of your thoracic spine, will hold your shoulders in proper alignment and will support correct posture of your upper spine.

    Our Bort StabiloFix  posture corrector is also suitable for postoperation, clavicle fractures and minor collar bone fractures.

    This popular and top-selling back and shoulder posture brace is very comfortably fit brace. The StabiloFix comes with one size to fit most adults so this is a sure buy.

    Best quality posture corrector brace and best price in Cyprus ! Guaranteed.

    BORT StabiloFix®


    - Corset for correcting the posture of the thoracic spine
    - Soft, non-elastic strap material
    - For children too

    Colours: blue, white


    - Fastening in the chest area makes it possible to put on/remove the item independently
    - Moulds itself perfectly to the body contours, especially in the critical underarm area
    - Fitted with tucks to enable straps to be shortened easily


    We also have a posture support brace for kids and childrens.

    BORT StabiloFix®

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  • Generation Knee Support ()

    If you have Gonarthrosis or Osteoarthritis of the knee, slight ligament instability, arthritis or recuurrent articular effusion ( water in the knee, swelling, stifness), you can surely benefit from our Bort Genration Knee Support.

    P-MediCyp Ltd highest quality knee support, made in Germany will give better mobility for the aged, will stabilise and relieve your knee joint, will enable the users safe, painless and independence movement.

    BORT Generation Knee Support


    - Knee support with adjustable thigh width for stabilisation of the knee joint 
    - One lateral spiral stay each side
    - Functional knitted fabric, very comfortable to wear
    - Anatomic silicone pad
    - Integrated plus size system

    Colour: blue


    - Easy to put on/remove thanks to closed design on the thigh and open design on the shank
    - Grip straps allow safe and energy-saving handling, also in case of restricted gripping ability
    - Simple and easy to put on
    - Attractive, functional design

    BORT Generation:
    For better mobiity for the aged
    Product range with special handling advantages.

    Also, our Generation Knee Support wil be simple and easy to put on and very comfortable to wear.

    BORT Generation Knee Support

    Buy now the best knee support for you dear ones.
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  • Generation Thumb Splint ()

    We at P-MediCyp Ltd specializes in advance solutions for a better quality of life for the elderly in Cyprus.

    P-MediCyp Ltd Bort Generation series orthopedic products were designed especially for the elderly to master the requirements of their everyday life , enabling them to maintain independency and their own mobility.

    Did you know that arthritis of the thumb affects one in every six people with osteoarthritis?

    P-MediCyp Generation thumb splint will also protect you from carpal tunnel syndrome, will provide rest, protection and support in case of thumb injuries (post traumatic), post operation. Is indicated also in cases of inflamation, rhizarthrosis ( wear of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb and much more.

    BORT Generation Thumb Splint


    - Soft brace for immobilisation of the metacarpophalangeal joint and saddle joint of the thumb
    - Soft inner padding
    - Removable, anatomically pre-moulded stabilising elements extending to the wrist
    - Length: approx. 14 cm (5.5 inches)

    COLOUR: blue


    - Practical lacing enables easy, safe handling
    - Variably adjustable thumb strap with a reversal loop for an extra safe hold
    - Suitable for use together with a walking aid / wheeled walker
    - Attractive, functional design
    - Can also be worn at night

    BORT Generation Thumb Splint

    Buy now one of the most effective thumb splint in the world today and feel the difference.
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  • Generation Wrist Brace Support ()

    Looking for a wrist brace that can be applied using one hand?

    A wrist brace that due to it's unique features enables use combined with a walking aid/ wheeled walker?

    A wrist brace that has a functional design, is attractive and can also be worn at night?

    Our P-MediCyp Bort Generation Wrist Brace Support is indicated for: Pre-operative , Post-operative, Post traumatic, Carpal arthrosis, Inflammatory-Rheumatic, Degenerative diseases, e.g Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), Tenosynovitis, Peripheral nerve paralysis.

    BORT Generation Wrist Brace


    - Padded wrist brace with palm and dorsal reinforcement
    - Splints individually adjustable and removable
    - Breathable material provides optimum comfort

    COLOUR: blue


    - Can be put on with one hand due to innovative strapping fastening
    - The specially padded zone in the palm area enables use combine with a walking aid / wheeled walker
    - Attractive, functional design
    - Can also be worn at night

    P-MediCyp Ltd Bort Generation series orthopedic products were designed especially for the elderly to master the requirements of their evertday life, enabling them to maintain independency and their own mobility , in Cyprus

    BORT Generation Wrist Brace

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  • Bunion Splint/Bunion Corrector/ Hallux Valgus Splint ()
    What are Bunions?

    Bunion is a visible , bony bump on your big toe joint.
    Bunion is caused by realignment of the joint at the base of the big toes.

    Bunions most commonly affect women.

    The bony bump can be painful and it can hurt when you walk. You might have a swelling , redness or soreness around the big toe joint.

    Wearing tight, narrow shoes might make bunions worse.

    The common risk factors for bunions are ill fitting shoes, high heels, heredity and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Bunion splint or bunion corrector is a bunion brace that can offer a bunion treatment without surgery.

    We at P-MediCyp Ltd are proud to offer the BORT Valco® Hallux Valgus Splint, made in Germany with the following product benefits:

    - Hallux Valgus Brace for physiological alignment of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe
    - Anatomical fit
    - Two adjustable Velcro straps
    - For use during periods of rest
    - Pack: Single item

    Colour: white/blue

    The medical benefit of this unique and high quality bunion corrector are:

    - Simple and precise adjustment of the leverage force
    - Inner surface of the splint entirely lined with foam
    - Ventilation hole in the big toe area

    What are the indications for use, for the Valco bunion treatment and corrector?

    Hallux valgus, after hallux surgery to ensure the success of treatment.
    Post-operative capsule relief.


    Please choose your size:

    BORT Valco® Hallux Valgus Splint

    Buy now the best Bunion Corrector in Cyprus

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  • Air Cushion Insole ()
    We at P-MediCyp, your orthopedic one stop shop store in Cyprus, offer the outstanding Air Cushion Insole, made in Germany.

    The unique Pedisoft Air Cushion Insole with the shock absorption feature enjoys a lot of benefits and is a must for every foot.

    This medical insole has an insulating effect against cold, has four air chambers that supports the natural heal-toe rocking movement of the foot.

    PediSoft® Air Cushion Insole


    - Shoe insole for shock absorption
    - Four air chambers arranged in pairs
    - Durable textile surface
    - Pack: Pair

    COLOUR: beige


    - Controlled exchange of air between the chambers supports the natural heal-toe rocking movement of the foot
    - The insole has an insulating effect against cold
    - Machine washable at 30°C

    το καλύτερο πέλμα στην Κύπρο

    Buy now the best shock absorption insole and feel the difference

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  • Patella Tendon Strap ()

    We at P-MediCyp Ltd your experts in Orthopedic products in Cyprus, are offering our advance Patella Tendon Strap , made by Bort Germany.

    Our Patella Tendon Strap is indicated for use in the following conditions:

    IT Band Friction Syndrome
    Jumper's Knee
    Patellar Tendonitis
    Patellar Chondropathy
    Femoropatellar Arthrosis

    BORT Patella Tendon Strap


    - So-called Kassel Patellar Tendon Strap for target relief of the patella tendon
    - Short stretch elastic material
    - Anatomical silicone proprioceptive pad
    - Soft bordering
    - Reversible strap with Velcro fastening

    COLOUR: black


    - Pad pressure adjustable without graduation
    - Improved joint coordination
    - Pain relief
    - No pressure in the hollow of the knee

    BORT Patella Tendon Strap

    Buy now the best Patella Tendon Strap in Cyprus and feel the

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  • Hernia Aid Double Sided Hernia Truss ()

    BORT HerniaFix® Elastic Spring Truss, Double-Sided

    - Double-sided, rounded pressure pad
    - Elastic hip belt with approx. 20 cm (7.9 inches) long spring made of spring steel

    COLOUR: skin-tone

    Spring Trusses have been a proven therapy concept for decades in case of resettable
    inguinal hernia (i.e. the Hernia can be forced back). The pad closes the point of hernia
    and avoids thus emerging and incarceration of the hernia.

    Indications for use- Double Sided Hernia Truss: 
    Reducible henia depending on localization, such as inguinal, thigh or testicular hernia.

    Composition of Double sided Hernia Truss:
    40 % Polyamide, 36% Polyester, 12% Elastodies, 12% cotton

    Instructions for use -Double sided Hernia Truss:
    First position the pad onto the point of hernia. Then place the strap around the body in 
    height of the pelvic (between waist and hip) and close it.

    BORT HerniaFix® Elastic Spring Truss, Double-Sided

    Buy now one of the best Hernia Truss in the world today, Hernia Aid Double sided
    Hernia Truss, HerniaFix, made in Germany by Bort Medical -and feel the difference.


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  • Bunion Protector ()

    PediSoft Bunion Protector cares for immediate and long term pain relief in case of bunion problems.

    The soft matreial adjusts optimally to the contour of the bunion without slipping and protects against further pressure.

    The smooth matreial of the bunion protector/ buniom shield avoids rubbing and runners at socks and stockings.

    PediSoft® Bunion Protector


    - Silicone ball protection for speedy pain relief in the case of problems in the ball of the toe
    - Protects against pressure sores, e.g. in shoes
    - Contents: 1 piece, includes talcum

    This outstanding bunion protector comes with one size !!

    Buy now the best bunion protector in Cyprus, made in Germany and feel the difference.


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  • Back Support for Pregnant Women ()

    Back support for Pregnant Women , with lateral spring splints and straps for stabilisation and relief in the back and abdomibal area.

    With our Bort Back Support for pregnant women, the back, abdominal and pelvic areas are relieved and supported.

    The back support for pregannt women exerts a pain reducing effect. Also, patient mobilisiation is supported.


    - Elastic back support for relief of lumbar spine and to support the abdomen
    - Individual adjustment of width using flexible adjustable straps
    - Thin spring rods for stabilisation of the lumbar region
    - Dorsal height: 21 cm (8.3 inches)

    COLOUR: white


    - No risk to baby and abdomen
    - Adaptable to varying abdominal circumferences

    Indications for use, Back Support for Pregnant Women

    • For stabilisation of lumbar spine with metered pressure during pregnancy
    • for the treatment of pain in the lumbar area.

    BORT HerniaFix® Elastic Spring Truss, Double-Sided

    Pregnancy Back Support, Pregnancy Belt and Maternity back Support 
    is us- P-MediCyp Ltd Cyprus

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  • Abdominal Support for Pregnant Women ()
    Back pain during pregnancy?

    You are not alone !

    Around 70% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain, pelvic girdle pain and more.

    P-MediCyp Ltd state of the art pregnancy belly band from Bort Germnay will provide you with lots of benfits:

    It will decrease your pain, will provide you with gentle compression during your day activities, will facilitate proper posture by supporting the lower back pain and torso and you will be able to also use it as a support after pregnancy.

    More than this ,the Bort Abdominal Support helps in case of diminished connective tissue in the abdominal area.

    Especially in the last third of pregnancy this weakness is increased due to specific hormones.

    P-MediCyp Abdominal Support for Pregnant Women is great for Lumbar Back Pain in Pregnancy, Obesity and multiple pregnancy.

    BORT Abdominal Support for Pregnant Women


    - Elastic bandage to support the abdomen
    - Elastic, breathable fabric
    - Four supporting rods which can be removed, if required
    - Dorsal height: 24 cm (9.5 inches)

    COLOUR: white


    - Back relief due to additional elastic strap
    - Adjustable to fit varying abdominal circumferences

    Customers that bought the Abdominal Support for Pregnant Women 
    were also interested in Back Support for Pregnant Women

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  • Umbilical Hernia Support Truss ()

    Having an umbilical hernia and don't want or don't have a surgery option?

    Looking for other choice?

    You might benefit from P-MediCyp Ltd umbilical hernia support truss.

    The highest quality of Umbilical Hernia Support Truss in Cyprus, made by Bort Germany, only at P-MediCyp Ltd


    How can umbilical hernia support truss benefit those who have Umbilical Hernia?

    The umbilical hernia support provides support in case of abdominal tissue infirmity in umbilical area.
    Supporting splints in dorsal area enhance the wearing comfort and avoid curling-up.
    The pad serves for re-positioning (pushing back ) of the hernia.
    For this purpose the pad is reinforced by an inserted plastic core, and can be freely positioned on the entire support thanks to the hook strap.

    BORT Umbilical Hernia Support

    - Elastic compression support for umbilical hernia
    - Anatomically concaved umbilical hernia pad, with adhesive layer for individual positioning
    - Two supporting splints
    - Elastic, breathable fabric with Velcro fastening
    - Height: 13 cm (5.1 inches)

    COLOUR: white


    - Removable pad cover made of soft terry cloth

    Indications for use Umbilical Hernia Truss

    • Umbilical hernia
    • reducible umbilical hernias.

    BORT Umbilical Hernia Support

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  • EpiContur Tennis elbow brace ()

    Suffering from Tennis Elbow?

    Golfer's elbow?

    In Cyprus, Golf is a popular sport so some suffer from Golfer's elbow. But Golfer's elbow is a condition that can develop to folks that have never handled a golf club.

    So, what is a Golfer's elbow?

    It is a pain and inflamation derived from the part that connect the forearm tendons to the bony bump on the inside of the elbow.

    Golfer's elbow is similar to tennis elbow, the first occurs on the inside of the elbow, the later occurs on the outside of the elbow.

    Tennis elbow brace or as it is sometimes called tennis elbow support, will help you.

    How can a tennis elbow support strap can help your elbow tendonitis/Epicondylitis/Golfer's elbow?

    First, tennis elbow brace will reduce your pain right away.
    Tennis elbow support will protect and support the healing area of your elbow.

    How does a tennis elbow support strap works?

    Tennis elbow brace redirect the stressful forces away from the injured area of your elbow.

    BORT EpiContur® with 1 Pad


    - Epicondylitis soft clasp for relieving the radial or ulnar muscle origin
    - Standard size adjustable to individual circumferences using Velcro fastening
    - Freely positionable friction pad

    COLOURS: skin-tone


    - Brace pressure individually metered
    - Fitted cut brace design enables slip-free fit


    Indications for use, Tennis Elbow brace/Golfer's elbow:

    • Epicondylitis
    • Chronic or recurrent epicondylopathy
    • Tendopathies
    • Overstraining
    • Tennis elbow, Golfer's elbow

    BORT EpiContur®  with 1 Pad

    Ορθοπεδικοσ στην Κυπρο είναι εμάς

    Orthopedic in Cyprus? it's us, P-MediCyp Ltd


    order now the best tennis elbow brace in Cyprus and feel the difference.
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  • Soft Ankle Brace ()

    Suffering from ankle fractures, maybe distortion of upper ankle joint?

    Looking for a post operative protection after ligamnet suture/reconstruction of the ankle?

    A soft ankle Brace that will assist in conservative treatment of ankle distortions of any severity?

    We at P-MediCyp Ltd have the ankle brace that will help you shorten the time spent in plaster.

    Our Bort MalleoStabil Soft Brace, made in Germany, will stabilise your ankle and will limit pronation and supination.

    Our MalleoStabil soft brace is easy to put on thanks to it's circular velcro fastening and his anatomically shaped plastic shells and also memory foam padding that will make it comfortable to wear.

    BORT MalleoStabil® SOFT Brace


    - Memory foam padding to stabilise the ankle, while limiting pronation and supination
    - Anatomically shaped plastic shells
    - Memory foam padding for comfortable wear during the rehabilitation phase
    - Also for children

    COLOURS: black, white

    - No impairment when walking
    - Easy to put on thanks to circular Velcro fastening
    Indications for use, MalleoStabil Soft Ankle Brace
    • post-operative protection after ligament suture / reconstruction
    • conservative treatment of ankle distortions of any severity
    • functional treatment of ligament ruptures
    • ankle fractures (Weber A)
    • chronic ligament instability
    • shortening of time spent in plaster
    • ligament injuries
    • distortion of upper ankle joint
    • supination / pronation trauma
    • fibular ligament rupture

    BORT MalleoStabil® SOFT BraceBORT MalleoStabil® SOFT Brace

    Order now and feel the difference

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  • Forefoot Insole made in Germany ()

    The Pedisoft Forefoot insole from Bort Germany, covers extensively the forefoot area, which is highly stressed while wearing high -heeled shoes.

    The insole discharges presuure, serves for safe and non-slip foothold and reduces cauterisation during long time standing or walking in high-heeled shoes.

    PediSoft® Forefoot Insole

    - Silicone forefoot insole
    - Pressure relief in the forefoot area
    - It is inserted directly into the shoe
    - Long-lasting, durable and non-slip
    - Contents: 1 pair, includes talcum powder

    One size fits all !!

    Buy now the best forefoot insole in Cyprus and feel the difference.


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  • Toe Spreader with Bunion protection ()

    Toe Spreader with Bunion protection spreads displaced and compressed toes, protects against chafting, skin irritations and corns.

    The ball protector provides immediate and lasting pain relief in case of ball soreness.
    The smooth , high quality material prevents rubbing and material runs in socks and stockings.

    PediSoft® Toe Spreader with Bunion Protection

    The soft material form optimally to the contour of the toes and adheres safely without slipping.

    PediSoft® Toe Spreader with Bunion Protection


    - Ergonomic gel toe spreader with toe ball protection
    - Separates dislocated and tight toes
    - Contents: 1 piece
    Sizes with measuring point
    PediSoft® Toe Spreader with Bunion Protection

    Buy now and feel the difference. 

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