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PulseOx 7500 Wristwatch Recording System


Looking for a convenient way to measure blood Oxygen Saturation Level and Heart Pulse Rate?

A Pulse Oximeter that is ideal for all clinical, ambulatory and sleep related applications?

A wrist watch that has a recording system and that is perfect for overnight monitoring?

The SPO Medical PulseOx 7500 Wristwatch Recording System offeres the features of a conventional Oximeter in a compact, user friendly wrist-based configuration.

The Wrist Watch Pulse Oximeter, PulseOx 7500 accurately measures blood oxygen saturation levels and heart pulse rate. Readings are  displayed and stored withing a wristwatch unit that sits comfortably on the patient's wrist for maxmimum convenience and flexibility.

The PulseOx 7500 is based on SPO Medical's uniquely patented algorithms that use Reflective Pulse Oximetery Technology for accurate oximetry measurment.
It also addresses problems typically associated with motion artifcats, ensuring accurate and reliable reading.
The PulseOx 7500 is desigened to utilize very low power for extended usgae, elimination the need for frequently battery replacement.

The wristwatch unit downloads stored readings to a computer or a PC equivalent via a USB link.

Features of the innovative and precise WristWatch Pulse Oximeter SPO PulseOx 7500

  • The SPO PulseOx 7500 is a Portable Oximeter
  • The beautiful Wristwatch PulseOx 7500 is robust  and has an attractive design.
  • SPO PulseOx 7500 gives an accurate and fast measurements.
  • Easy and prcatical to use.
  • The SPO Pulseox 7500 enjoys a powerful, long life battery.
  • The wristwatch Pulse Oximeter that you'll get includes a software that provides reports and a detailed polygraph display.
  • Compatible with PROFOX Oximetry software.
  • Your Wristwatch PulseOx 7500 is ideal for overnight monitoring applications.
  • You will be able to download features with the Download Feature  using provided USB Cable.
  • One year of manufacturer warranty
  • Manufacured according to enviromentally friendly standards ( RoHS Directive).
For an Instructional video for PulseOx 7500 Oximeter, that addresses most of the questions that may arise from using the Pulseox 7500, please press here.

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  • Model: SPO PulseOx 7500 Wristwatch Recording System

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