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Pediatric Pulse Oximeter MD300C53

Looking for a pediatric pulse oximeter that is designed especially for children?

A pediatric pulse oximeter that has a smaller opening to fit your child fingers?

A pediatric pulse oximeter that has a large, bright blue LED display which will allow you or the caretaker to read the saturation pressure value, in the dark?

P-MediCyp Ltd are proud to introduce the high quality pediatric pulse oximeter model Choice MD300C53 , a non invasive spot checking device that can detect low oxygen levels or spo2 for children.

Child Pulse Oximeter

Our pediatric pulse oximeter, MD300C53, is an FDA approved fingertip pulse oximeter.

Pediatric pulse oximeter MD300C53 greatly meet the needs of measuring precisely the arterial oxygen saturation (spo2) and pulse rate, at home or at private physician clinics, health  and medical centers and Hospitals

Our pediatric pulse oximeter is a pediatric digital pulse oximeter that suits especially children weighing between 15-45 kg, it uses a special pediatric oximeter sensor that is calibrated for children, and minimizes measurements errors due to movement. Due to the benefit that the probe has a smaller opening, designed to fit children's fingers,It is one of the best pulse oximeters for children in the market today.

ChoiceMMed Pediatric Fingertip Child Pulse Oximeter OxyWatch Frog MD300C53, US $39.95 – Picture 1

The digital display of the pediatric pulse oximeter can show data in six different modes, making it easy for the patient and caretaker to read from each and every angle.

The special design of the pediatric pulse oximeter combines advanced technology with an ergonomic, stylish design that makes kids wants to play with it.

Featured with a large bright blue LED display, our pediatric pulse oximeter enables the user to take SpO2 measurements in the dark and upon electricity outage due to severe weather condition.

Beside the ability to provide accurate readings of oxygen saturation level and pulse rate, our pediatric pulse oximeter is also equipped with pleth waveform display, it has interference resistance against ambient light, and can make a wide-range of accurate measurements even in low perfusion.

This fingertip pediatric pulse oximeter is one of the best oximeters in the world, with deviations less than ±1% when comparing readings taken in indoor natural lighting against those taken in a dark room.


Specially design for children with simple and easy operation
The MD300C53  is very small & lightweight  (weigh only 25g without batteries)
Enjoys a dual color OLED display with 10 levels of brightness
Display SpO2,pulse rate, SpO2 waveform
Our pediatric pulse oximeter has six display modes
The device use low power consumption,  and goes automatically off, after a few seconds without use
It has also a low power indicator that will indicate the need to replace batteries.
Use 2 AAA Alkaline or rechargeable batteries

buy safely now, from P-MediCyp Ltd, the best pediatric pulse oximeter and enjoy a low pricing and a high quality and reliability.

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