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Copd, Emphysema and Oxygen Therapy in Cyprus



One of the goals at P-MediCyp Ltd is to raise the public awareness for COPD in Cyprus.

COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

P-MediCyp are experts in offering better quality of life devices, therapy and treatment for copd patients but we are also focusing on prevention measures and early detection.

The logic behind prevention and early detection of copd is very simple and straightforward.
The prevalence of COPD in Cyprus is around 5% of the population and that increase within those who smoke or that have a smoking history.

Those are big numbers and should not be taken lightly.

Among those who are diagnosed, around 60% are asymptomatic so basicly they are not even aware they have copd. Early detection can improve dramaticaly their quality of life. 

Others have mild, moderate, severe or very severe COPD.

Those that don't have symptoms yet ,can very much benefit from early detection. Those that have mild or moderate copd can sometimes halt, prevent exacerbation and can obtain therpay and treatment.

Even for those who have severe or very severe copd, we can offer ways to improve their disability, to improve their quality of life, their mobility, independence and breathing.

In severe copd one might find it hard even to manage basic tasks such as dressing, washing, having light housework or taking a walk.

In this cases we are offering Oxygen Concentrator, Portable Oxygen Concentrator or Oxygen Therapy.

The good news is that although COPD is irreversible it is a treatable disease.

The main cause of copd is smoking so a good first step is to stop smoking !

You ask why smoking cause copd?
The toxic materials in the cigs irritates the lung tissue and inflame the lungs. If someone smoke for many years this inflammation can leads to scarring (scar tissue), a damage to the walls of the airways and the air sacs will occur. Lung elasticity is reduced and Emphysema occured.

So if you are over 35 and having a symptoms of cough, breathlessness and phlegm and you are smoking, go see your GP or visit your Pulmonary Clinic.

Even if you already have copd, you can slow down the progress of the disease. There are various medications that can relieve your copd symptoms.
Pulmonary rehabilitation can have a great impact and also using simple respiratory muscle exerciser device , at home, can benefit you.

A simple to use, low price and accurate Pulse Oximeter is a must have for any one who have copd or any other lung disability. This small, non invasive piece of device can monitor your oxygen saturation pressure and your heart beats per minute and is a great tool to verify you are not exposing yourself to more than needed efforts.

Having a COPD or Emphysema and looking into the possibility of moving permanently to Cyprus?

Concern you might not be able to receive a proper home oxygen therapy in Cyprus?

Rest assured you have now an home oxygen experts, technologies and service you can rely on !

Due to our long term experience with home oxygen therapy in Cyprus, alot of expats had purchsed or hires an oxygn concentrator from us, may it be a stationary or portable oxygen concentrator and were veru muvh satisfied.

No need to be concerned anymore ! P-MediCyp will supply oxygen at your door !

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