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Respiratory Muscle Exerciser Respirogram


The Respirogram is a home device that will help you to improve the function of your lungs by expanding and exercising your lung capacity.

The aim of the Respirogram respiratory muscle exerciser is to exercise respirations by means of inspiration.

If you will use the Respirogram frequently and correctly it will keep your lung active and will improve your home daily activities.

Studies show that using the Respirogram on a regular basis will increase the strength of both the inspiratory and expirtaory muscles.

Also, users report that by using this muscle training they felt a subjective decrease in dyspnea during activities of daily living.

All you have to do is to inhale and to raise the 3 spheres. one at a time. This breathing exercise will help you ensure that the alveoli in your lungs are exercised and fully inflated.

Take a nice slow deep breath and then let it out.

A must have device for COPD patients, for those who are using oxygen therapy at home, for those who suffer from Chronic Congestive Heart Failure, for lung patients, emphysema , pulmonary hypertension and more.

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