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Oxygen Cannula


Looking for  a high quality oxygen nasal cannula in Cyprus ?

search no more.

Our high quality nasal cannula with the length of 4 meters is an oxygen cannula or oxygen tube that is used to deliver supplemental oxygen to the oxygen user who use oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator or portable oxygen concentrator .

P-MediCyp Ltd nasal cannula consists of a lightweight oxygen tube which on one hand splits into two nasal prongs. Those nasal prongs are being placed in the oxygen user nostrils. The second end of the oxygen tube is being connected to the oxygen delivery devices.

The oxygen user attach the oxygen nose tube to his head, using tube hooking around his ears.

Our oxygen cannula provides between 1-5 litres per minute flow of oxygen.

No need to look for nasal cannula in Cyprus any more. We have it here for you, the home oxygen user.

You will get 3 units of nasal cannula , CE approved, for single patient us only, at the price of 37 Euros.

We are regularly being asked by our oxygen users:
how often should I change my oxygen cannula?

And this is our professional answer: if you are using home oxygen more than a few hours a day, we at P-MediCyp Ltd recommend you to replace your cannula on a monthly basis.

other reasons that you might need to replace your oxygen tube:
If you lately had a respiratory infection like cold or bronchitis, if you are having a shower with your nasal prongs (less recommended) you should replace it every month. If you are using a humidifier you should replace it every month.

The nasal cannula is made of plastic so deteriorate over time, so when the nasal prongs start to become stiff, or if the hose is beginning to get hard.

We at P-MediCyp Cyprus with our vast experience in Respiratory Equipment recommend you to have at least 2-3 nasal prongs or oxygen cannula on hand at all times.

Order now.

Oxygen users who bought 4 meters nasal cannula from P-MediCyp in Cyprus, where also interested with our 2 meter oxygen cannula for a convenient use with their portable oxygen concentrator
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