P-MediCyp Ltd is a great professional source for orthopedic solutions, rehabilitation products and solutions, sports medicine products and products for treating specific orthopedic conditions.
We at P-MediCyp Ltd provide total solutions designed  for Orthopedic providers and for customers/end users , in Cyprus. We offer a wide array of innovative and highly effective premium injury braces, sports braces, orthotics and splints, for advanced patient orthopedic care.
We are offering only the highest quality orthopedic products, manufactured in Germany and the U.S.A
P-MediCyp Ltd in Cyprus is your trusted orthopedic products provider that can offer you consulting, services and easy to use products, from conservative treatment to pre and post surgery.
In P-MediCyp Braces department we offer: Ankle Braces, Foot Braces, Walker Boots, Spine Braces, Lumbar Support, Sacroiliac Braces and TLSO Braces. Also, Elbow Braces/Wrist Braces, Fracture Bracing, Shoulder Bracing, Hip Bracing and Knee Bracing.
We offer Cold Therapy , DVT Prophylaxis with our Sequential Compression Devices , Canes, Crutches, Walkers and Ambulatory Aids.
In the Sports Medicine field we offer: Braces and Supports, Compression Socks, Tapes and Wraps, Mouth guards, Athletic Training Kits and Sports Accessories in Cyprus

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