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Ballancer Pro Pants


Ballancer Pro Pant is a 24 air compression suit that will treat the lower body parts, from feet toes to just under the diaphragm area.

With Ballancer Pro Pants, every single sq. cm of skin is treated equally. Same pressure and treatment pace all over.

With Ballancer Pro Pants, the flow of blood and lymph liquids are guaranted to be in the right direction ( towards the heart)

Using Ballancer Pro Pants will make it easier helping the client get into the pants (less than a minute), as well as helping the client out of the pants.

The Ballancer Pro suit will fit most clients (sizes s,m,l).

Specially designed stress removing zippers at critical areas.

Includes 4 air conncetors for easy connecting and disconnecting of air hoses.

The Ballancer Pro Pants was designed in conjunction with leading manual lymph drainage therapists.

It will treat the entire lower body, including the abdomen, groin and buttocks.

The Ballancer Pro Pants should be used with our Lympha Press Ballancer 505 device

Order now, the best torso treatment based on the principles of manual lymph drainage and watch the difference !
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