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Sequential compression device- PCD-51


Looking for the best sequential compression device for the treatment of Lymphedema?

We at P-MediCyp Ltd are proud to offer you the best pneumatic compression device in the world, the Lympha Press PCD-51™.

This new and outstanding compression pump is the most economical high quality solution today for the treatment of Lymphedema.

The Lympha Press PCD-51
™ is a compact and portable sequential compression device that weigh only 3.3 pounds !!

We at P-MediCyp Ltd are very proud to exclusively provide the Lympha Press® family of products in Cyprus.

Representing the Israeli worldwide famous manufacturer of the Lympha Press
® , our products enjoy 30 years of experience for treating Lymphedema and Venous Disease, Post-mastectomy Lymphedema, Post-traumatic edema and lymphedema, ulceration and more.

The PCD-51
™ will improve your quality of life, will help you reduce the swelling ( and other Lymphedema symptoms), will efficiently manage and reduce your peripheral edema, lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiency.

With P-MediCyp Ltd outstanding and cost effective lympha press PCD-51 pneumatic compression device you will be able to treat up to two limbs at the same time.

The PCD-51
™ is very light weight and quiet and will make it great for travel also due to his dual-voltage capabilities.

The PCD-51 is design to give quality traetemnt at home and by medical practitioners in clinics. The PCD-51 is easy to use and encourages patient compliance.

The compression garments consist of four fully overlapping compression cells to provide fully sequential lympha drainage.

Our PCD-51
™ is so easy to use, automatically assess and adjust the garment fill time and pause interval according to garment size and then follows each inflation interval with complete defletion, for patient comfort and maximum vascular refill.

The outstanding, cost effective sequential compression device for a daily basis home therapy, PCD-51

The Lymph Press PCD-51
™  will also assist with promotion of wound recovery, with relief from muscular and nervous pain and with relief of discomfort from leg fatigue.

Watch the Lymphapress user testimonial about how the lympha press helped the lady in treating lymphedma that appeared after her breast cancer.

The lymphapress pump simulate manual lympha drainage and is considered today to be a gold standard in treating post mastectomy lymphedema.

Order now, the new outstanding sequential pneumatic system PCD-51 that is specificaly desigend for efficient reduction and management of peripheral edema such as lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiently and see and feel the difference.

Users who bought the PCD-51 for long years of home care , for efficient reduction and management of peripheral edema, such as lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiency, have also checked the Lympha Press
® Mini that feature up to 24 overlapping pressure cells that is sturdy and reliable, an hospital quality treatment at home.
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