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Sequential compression device- Lympha Press Optimal


P-MediCyp Ltd are proud to present the well known lymphatic drainage compression device in the industry.

The Lympha Press® Optimal.

The Lympha Press Optimal is based on the reliable Lympha Press® Mini line, the Lympha Press Optimal features Pretherapy treatment for proffesional  and home care patients use.

The Pretherapy Treatment is a gentle massaging of the proximal lymphatics, with the purpose of easying the lymph liquids transit, based on manual lymph drainage procedures.

The Pretherapy starts the treatment at the proximal end of the treated limb. Lympha Press Optimal then moves on to the main treatment, either sequential buildup pressure or Wave Peristaltic massage.

We at P-MediCyp Ltd are the Cypriot distributor of the Israeli global leader in effective non-drug  and non- surgical treatment of blood and lymph flow disorders, the Mego Afek. 
Mego Afek specializes in the manufacture of non-invasive medical devices, pressure control systems and high-frequency welded products including inflatable structures and components.

The Lympha Press® Optimal features

♦ Pretherapy cycle preceding all treatments.
♦ Up to 24 overlapping air cells per compression garment.
♦ Fully variable pressure range 20 to 90 mmHg.
♦ User friendly-easy to use.
♦ Compact, easy to store.
♦ Sturdy and reliable sequential compression device.
♦ Portable.
♦ The Optimal lymphatic drainage pump can treat up to two limbs simultaneously.
♦ Comptabile with most Lympha Press garments.
♦ Easy reading controls.
♦ Quick- connect connector for hose bundles.
♦ Remote control pause switch.

Lympha Press® Optimal features the following treatment cycles:

1. Pretherapy Cycle.
2. Lympha Gradient Cycle ( Sequential)
3. Wave Cycle ( Peristaltic dynamic compression).

Lympha Press® Optimal- a comprehensive treatment at home

The Gradient feature is built into the device treatment cycles.
The device ensures the pressure applied is gradually lowered as the compression sequence advances up the limb.
The gradient steps and pressures can be adjusted on the device or with an easy to use PC software.

What are the indications of use for the Lymph Press® Optimal?

♦ Lymphedema of legs and arms.
♦ Post-mastectomy arm lymphedema.
♦ Healing of venous stasis ulcers.
♦ Promotion of wound recovery.
♦ Relief from muscular and nervous pain.
♦ Relief of discomfort from leg fatigue.

To learn more about the global manufacturer of the outstanding and world reknowned sequential pneumatic compression systems and about our advanced Lymph-Press® Optimal for the treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiency, click here

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