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Generation Wrist Brace Support


Looking for a wrist brace that can be applied using one hand?

A wrist brace that due to it's unique features enables use combined with a walking aid/ wheeled walker?

A wrist brace that has a functional design, is attractive and can also be worn at night?

Our P-MediCyp Bort Generation Wrist Brace Support is indicated for: Pre-operative , Post-operative, Post traumatic, Carpal arthrosis, Inflammatory-Rheumatic, Degenerative diseases, e.g Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), Tenosynovitis, Peripheral nerve paralysis.

BORT Generation Wrist Brace


- Padded wrist brace with palm and dorsal reinforcement
- Splints individually adjustable and removable
- Breathable material provides optimum comfort

COLOUR: blue


- Can be put on with one hand due to innovative strapping fastening
- The specially padded zone in the palm area enables use combine with a walking aid / wheeled walker
- Attractive, functional design
- Can also be worn at night

P-MediCyp Ltd Bort Generation series orthopedic products were designed especially for the elderly to master the requirements of their evertday life, enabling them to maintain independency and their own mobility , in Cyprus

BORT Generation Wrist Brace

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