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Hernia Aid Double Sided Hernia Truss


BORT HerniaFix® Elastic Spring Truss, Double-Sided

- Double-sided, rounded pressure pad
- Elastic hip belt with approx. 20 cm (7.9 inches) long spring made of spring steel

COLOUR: skin-tone

Spring Trusses have been a proven therapy concept for decades in case of resettable
inguinal hernia (i.e. the Hernia can be forced back). The pad closes the point of hernia
and avoids thus emerging and incarceration of the hernia.

Indications for use- Double Sided Hernia Truss: 
Reducible henia depending on localization, such as inguinal, thigh or testicular hernia.

Composition of Double sided Hernia Truss:
40 % Polyamide, 36% Polyester, 12% Elastodies, 12% cotton

Instructions for use -Double sided Hernia Truss:
First position the pad onto the point of hernia. Then place the strap around the body in 
height of the pelvic (between waist and hip) and close it.

BORT HerniaFix® Elastic Spring Truss, Double-Sided

Buy now one of the best Hernia Truss in the world today, Hernia Aid Double sided
Hernia Truss, HerniaFix, made in Germany by Bort Medical -and feel the difference.


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