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Umbilical Hernia Support Truss


Having an umbilical hernia and don't want or don't have a surgery option?

Looking for other choice?

You might benefit from P-MediCyp Ltd umbilical hernia support truss.

The highest quality of Umbilical Hernia Support Truss in Cyprus, made by Bort Germany, only at P-MediCyp Ltd


How can umbilical hernia support truss benefit those who have Umbilical Hernia?

The umbilical hernia support provides support in case of abdominal tissue infirmity in umbilical area.
Supporting splints in dorsal area enhance the wearing comfort and avoid curling-up.
The pad serves for re-positioning (pushing back ) of the hernia.
For this purpose the pad is reinforced by an inserted plastic core, and can be freely positioned on the entire support thanks to the hook strap.

BORT Umbilical Hernia Support

- Elastic compression support for umbilical hernia
- Anatomically concaved umbilical hernia pad, with adhesive layer for individual positioning
- Two supporting splints
- Elastic, breathable fabric with Velcro fastening
- Height: 13 cm (5.1 inches)

COLOUR: white


- Removable pad cover made of soft terry cloth

Indications for use Umbilical Hernia Truss

  • Umbilical hernia
  • reducible umbilical hernias.

BORT Umbilical Hernia Support

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