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Soft Ankle Brace


Suffering from ankle fractures, maybe distortion of upper ankle joint?

Looking for a post operative protection after ligamnet suture/reconstruction of the ankle?

A soft ankle Brace that will assist in conservative treatment of ankle distortions of any severity?

We at P-MediCyp Ltd have the ankle brace that will help you shorten the time spent in plaster.

Our Bort MalleoStabil Soft Brace, made in Germany, will stabilise your ankle and will limit pronation and supination.

Our MalleoStabil soft brace is easy to put on thanks to it's circular velcro fastening and his anatomically shaped plastic shells and also memory foam padding that will make it comfortable to wear.

BORT MalleoStabil® SOFT Brace


- Memory foam padding to stabilise the ankle, while limiting pronation and supination
- Anatomically shaped plastic shells
- Memory foam padding for comfortable wear during the rehabilitation phase
- Also for children

COLOURS: black, white

- No impairment when walking
- Easy to put on thanks to circular Velcro fastening
Indications for use, MalleoStabil Soft Ankle Brace
  • post-operative protection after ligament suture / reconstruction
  • conservative treatment of ankle distortions of any severity
  • functional treatment of ligament ruptures
  • ankle fractures (Weber A)
  • chronic ligament instability
  • shortening of time spent in plaster
  • ligament injuries
  • distortion of upper ankle joint
  • supination / pronation trauma
  • fibular ligament rupture

BORT MalleoStabil® SOFT BraceBORT MalleoStabil® SOFT Brace

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