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Intermittent pneumatic compression- Lympha Press Mini


Lympha Press Mini- your Hospital quality treatment at home.

Treating lymphedema correctly means a lifelong commitment to a regimen of care.

The Lympha Press Mini is a sequential pneumatic compression system specially desigend for efficient reduction and management of peripheral edema, such as lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiency.

Lympha Press Mini
Lympha Press Mini is desigend to give quality treatment at home. It is easy to use and encourages patient compliance.

Lympha Press garments feature unique overlapping 12 cell design to provide smooth and effective treatment.

Lympha Press Mini belongs to the world famous Lympha Press family of devices, distributed and serviced by the Israeli manufacturer distributors worldwide.

Home therapy with the Lypmha Press Mini is easy and effective, saves clinic visits and increase patient compliance for better treatment results.

What are the indications for use for the Lympha Press Mini?

♦ Lymphedema treatment- very effective for treating lymphedema of legs and arms.

♦ Post -mastectomy arm lymphedema.

♦ Healing of venous stasis ulcers.

♦ Promotion of wound recovery.

♦ Relief from muscular and nervous pain.

♦ Relief of discomfort from leg fatigue

Technical specifications for Lympha Press Mini sequential compression device:

Model 201
Pressure Range 20-80 mmHg
Size 14.5/38.5/30.5 cm
Weight 5.1 kg
Electrical 230V / 115V 50/60 Hz
Cycle Sequential Multi Cycles
Cycle Time 30 sec


Features for Lympha Press Mini

♦ Up to 24 overlapping pressure cells.

♦ Fully variable pressure range 20 to 80 mmHg for safe use also at home.

♦ User friendly-easy to use.

♦ Quiet.

♦ Compact, easy to store.

♦ Sturdy and reliable.

♦ Portable.

♦ This outstanding lymphedema therapy device can treat up to two limbs simultaneously.

♦ Compatibe with comprehensive range of quality garments.

♦ The Lympha Press Mini has an  easy reading controls (Pressure and Treatment duration) so you can assured that using it will be friendly and very easy, for everyone at any age.

P-MediCyp Ltd are experts in the Intermittent Pneumatic Compression devices in Cyprus so you can rest assured you are getting the best product and service ,combined with the best understanding of your needs.

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Customers who bought the Lymph Press Mini  for home therapy of their lymphedema , for healing of venous stasis ulcers, and for promotion of wound recovery as well as relief from muscular and nervous pain, also were interested in the Phlebo Press sequential pneumatic compression system that is specially designed for efficient reduction and management of peripheral edema, such as lymphedema and ulceration associated with venous insufficiency.

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