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Oxygen Concentrator for rent

Are you on overnight oxygen and due to go abroad on holiday, to Cyprus, and are looking for a reliable , safe and affordable leading oxygen provider company in Cyprus?

Or maybe you already even booked your holiday in Cyprus , before you were put on oxygen?

In need of an experienced oxygen company that will hire you an oxygen concentrator for your hotel room in Cyprus?

P-MediCyp Ltd are well known for giving an excellent service in Cyprus for all your medical oxygen needs.

We at P-MediCyp Ltd are oxygen supplier with lots of experience and knowledge and are able to assist you too.

Home oxygen therapy is our expertise.

We are able to supply you home oxygen therapy all over Cyprus. You will get your oxygen concentrator for rent at the comfort of your home .

Due to our long term experience and best of class oxygen technology solutions, P-MediCyp Ltd has established herself as one of the best O2 companies in Cyprus, so you can rest assured you are dealing with the best and getting the best oxygen solution.

This cost-effective OxyFlow 5 Oxygen Concentrator supply 0.5 to 5 liters per minute.

OxyFlow 5 Oxygen Concentrator uses the continuous delivery method. This innovative Oxygen Concentrator deliver an oxygen purity of up to 96% and weigh in at only 14.2 kg, a truly lightweight with a compact , good looking design.

The OxyFlow 5 Oxygen Concentrator is suitsble for most oxygen prescriptions, has an oxygen and performance monitor that will secure and guarantee an excellent work and oxygen purity for years.

Using Oxygen treatment at home? having an oxygen cylinder that you need to refill from time to time? be smart and equip yourself with the best oxygen concentrator device and best service in Cyprus so you don't have to worry about empty oxygen cylinder anymore.

Don't wait till it's late.

When hiring a home oxygen concentrator  in Cyprus, one have to be sure that a local O2 company, situated in Cyprus, will be able to supply the device to him, to be able to professionaly explain how to operate it safely and to be able to give a home service when needed.

Oxygen users who hired an oxygen concentator from P-MediCyp  in Cyprus were very much satisfied and recommended our company to others.

For sure, it is also all around much cheaper and safer to rent oxygen concentrator from P-MediCyp Ltd , be it a portable oxygen concentrator that is a top notch home oxygen concentrator - we offer the best and with the best fare and service. Call us or email us now.

Customers who hired one of our oxygen concentrators for oxygen therapy at home, also checked the option to buy a brand new one for years of use and with a cost-effective pricing

P-MediCyp Ltd from Cyprus, the leading suppliers of oxygen therapy, medical oxygen and oxygen concentrator on the island are glad and proud to offer you the portable oxygen concentrator, the lightweight portable oxygen device that will enable COPD , Chronic Lung Disease patients and home oxygen users to breath easier, to maintain their freedom , independence and dignity , to maintian active social life, to be able to stroll along the beautiful beaches of Cyprus, to travel when and where you want. To read more about our best in class Portable oxygen Concentrator, for sell or for hire, press here
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