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Oxygen Tube


Searching for oxygen tube in Cyprus?

P-MediCyp Ltd offer nasal oxygen tube in various length of 2,4,7 meters for your oxygen needs.

What is exactly a nasal cannula?

Nasal cannula or Oxygen tube is a plastic tubing that wraps over the ears, like eyeglasses, with two prongs that fit into the nostrils.

Just position the cannula on your face by inserting the cannula tips into your nostrils. Now pass the cannula tubing over your ears. Slide your sleeve tubing toward neck for comfortable fit under the chin. Set the needed oxygen flow in your oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator, to level prescribed by physician and finally securely attach the cannula tubing to the oxygen supply.

 how often should you replace your oxygen cannula?

 If you are using home oxygen more than a few hours a day, we at P-MediCyp Ltd recommend you to replace your cannula on a monthly basis.

other reasons that you might need to replace your oxygen tube:
If you lately had a respiratory infection like flu or bronchitis, if you are having a shower with your nasal prongs (less recommended) you should replace it every month. If you are using a humidifier you should replace it every month.

The nasal cannula is made of plastic so deteriorate over time, so when the nasal prongs start to become stiff, or if the hose is beginning to get hard- replace it.

We at P-MediCyp Cyprus with our vast experience in Respiratory Equipment recommend you to have at least 2-3 nasal prongs or oxygen cannula on hand at all times.

Buy now P-MediCyp high quality nasal cannula, 2 meter long , for a reliable and comfortable oxygen use at home.

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